Speed Training

Are you a sports performer looking for a way to improve your performance?

Are you a fitness fan looking for a different way of training?

Are you wanting to start your fitness journey?

If you have answered YES to any of these questions, then accelerate2speed is the company for you!

Here at accelerate2speed, we offer the full spectrum of speed fitness training to everyone, regardless of age, gender, ability or disability.

Our aim to is to make you FASTER so that you can reach a HIGHER level of running ability, resulting in a STRONGER all round performance.

The accelerate2speed training programmes are individually designed to your needs with major emphasis on both speed fitness and technique. We will talk about your goals and the direction that you want your training to go in an approachable and enthusiastic way.

All of our coaches have conviction in the training methods that we use at accelerate2speed, and the training is executed in such way that it is clearly thought out and appropriately challenging.

We always achieve the results that you want! This is done through Courage, Determination, Inspiration, Excellence and Respect.

Our ethos is simple: we aim to create a culture whereby everyone is equal, and as a result, everyone has the right to world class training and coaching. So come along and experience world class speed training for yourself!!!